We are very excited at Twisted Fruits and Vegetables because we are going to have our first show at Dixie National Rodeo Days in the Mississippi TradeMart to sell our Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables! We will have a big selection of fruits, vegetables and even freeze dried Conecuh sausage and pudding drops. Come see our booth at The Dixie National Rodeo and check out all our great products!

You are definitely going to love what we are bringing to the show! If you’ve never tried freeze dried products you must come and try samples. Our sister company, Just Another Twist, will be right next to us selling their freeze dried candy.

If you have any questions you can text us at 601-490-2894. Follow Twisted Fruits and Veggies on Facebook and we’ll post our location in the TradeMart when we know exactly where we will be so you can find us.